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Men with motors

Sven Hahne (Laptop, Visuals)
Matthias Muche (Slide Trombone, Visuals)

In the section of programmatic machine fixation 'men with motors' could be seen as one of the most absurd examples. As if the risk of performing as a trombone-laptop-duo would not be enough, the two artists and founders of 'Frischzelle- festival for intermediate performance', Matthias Muche and Sven Hahne consequently follow their vision of a true fusion of acoustic music, electronic music and computer graphics.

Both finished their studies of media art at the academy of media arts in cologne, where they met. Before Muche studied music in a 'classical' manner at the music academy of cologne and Hahne was producing electronic music in the deep swamps of the early nineties underground electronic dance music movement. People like John Cage, Oscar Fischinger or Herbert W. Franke were mental godfathers in the development of the highly complex audiovisual instrument, Hahne and Muche are continously evolving.

contact: m3 AT menwithmotors DOT de